We offer a variety of reproductive services for our dog owning clients.

Progesterone Testing

-We offer in-house, same day testing for canine progesterone. The cost is $60 per sample. We recommend also performing a vaginal cytology for $15 at the same time for maximum predictive accuracy. The progesterone test can also be used to predict when to do a C-section.

Surgical Insemination

-we offer surgical insemination in dogs. Progesterone level is required, either here or within 24 hours prior at another veterinary clinic. This does not include to cost to collect a male dog. If collection is required, the male must be present at the time of insemination. The cost for semen collection is $75 and includes a microscopic examination of semen quality prior to insemination. The female will not be sedated until semen quality is verified. We also check the semen of any sample provided to us. Cost for surgical insemination is $250


-we perform close to 300 c-sections per year on dogs. Because of this, we are very efficient and have a high survival rate. To do a planned c-section, you MUST know the breeding dates. If you are inaccurate when you provide us breeding dates, the chances of success are lower. We also need to know the progesterone level when the dog was bred in order to accurately determine when they might be due. If you do not know breeding dates or progesterone levels when bred, then we ask that you wait until your dog is in full labor before proceeding with a C-section. Cost for an uncomplicated, planned c-section is $600. For complicated C-sections requiring IV fluids, hospitalization, antibiotics, flushing the abdomen, the extra cost involved could be as much as $250. For females in trouble at the time of c-section, we will provide an estimate before surgery.

Reproduction is not an exact science, but can be made much more predictable by keeping good records and testing appropriately before breeding.