Meet Our Veterinarian

Dr. Lois Lassiter, DVM

Dr. Lassiter has over 20 years of veterinary experience in a variety of practice types. She has practiced large animal medicine, emergency medicine and small animal medicine as well. Her particular talent is surgical proficiency, allowing her to complete surgeries in less time. This allows Budget Vet to maximize the number of procedures done in a day, allowing us to offer more affordable surgery for your pet.

Dr. Lassiter does not believe in cutting corners or shortcuts. Her philosophy is always to put the pet’s health first. She has many pets of her own, including dogs, horses, cats, goats and chickens. She understands and appreciates the bond between people and their animals. Dr Lassiter treats each pet as if it were her own and demands excellence in the care provided.

Meet Our Care Team

The staff and doctors at Budget Vet have no greater priority than the health of your pet. All recommendations and services provided are done so out of a sincere desire to make sure your pet remains healthy. Sometimes we may recommend you seek services at a better equipped veterinary clinic. We do not have any business relationship with any other veterinarian, therefore our recommendations are made solely for the health of your pet.

Budget Vet has a well trained staff of technicians and assistants that will ensure that your pet is well cared for both before and after surgery and during vaccinations or any other procedure. All of the team members share the philosophy of Budget Vet, to provide adequate and affordable care for animal owners. We have several bilingual staff members to better assist those who are primarily Spanish speaking. Budget Vet believes that in order to provide excellent care, we must be able to communicate effectively to the owner of the pet. Without communication, there can be no effective long term care.