Dog breeds that have shortened noses, such as: English and French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Boxers, Shih Tzus, etc have unique challenges associated with anesthesia and surgery. Not all Veterinary clinics feel comfortable anesthetizing these breeds.

At Budget Vet, we see a large number of these types of dogs and are very comfortable performing anesthesia and surgery safely and effectively.

We also offer a full range of reproductive services for these type of dogs, including: in-house same day progesterone testing, surgical and artificial insemination, c-sections and breeding soundness exams. We perform close to 200 c-sections a year and most of these are in the bulldog breeds.

We also perform upper airway surgery in Bulldog breeds. This includes soft palate resection and stenotic nares resection.

Bulldog Service Pricing

C-section — $600 for uncomplicated surgery. Surgery requiring ovariohysterectomy, antibiotics or emergency supportive care could increase the price up to and additional $200. To avoid extra charges, it is recommended that you closely monitor your pregnant female for impending labor. We can offer you assistance in this type of monitoring and what you should be doing to prepare the female for delivery.********Please note that emergency and after hours c-sections will only be performed on patients who are already established with us******

Surgical Insemination — $250. This does not include the cost of the semen. Cost of semen is determined by the stud dog owner. We prefer to use fresh semen for best results. Also, it is highly recommended that you closely monitor your female’s heat cycle with serial progesterone testing for the best chance of successful breeding

Artificial Insemination — $50 per insemination, includes collection of the semen, but not stud fee. Once again, stud fee is determined by stud dog owner

Progesterone — $60

Breeding Soundness Exam (males) — $75 This includes collection and microscopic evaluation of semen.

Brucellosis Testing — $65