Our Company
The staff and doctors at Budget Vet have no greater priority than the health of your pet.  All recommendations and services provided are done so out of a sincere desire to make sure your pet remains healthy.  
Budget Vet was created in 2012 as a mobile clinic.  From 2012 till August 2017, we traveled in a customized RV providing spay/neuter vaccinations and outpatient care.  In August of 2017 we opened a stationary facility in Conyers and ceased mobile operations.  The main reason for this was the excessive travel times imposed on staff.  It was not sustainable.  The stationary location will provide more services than the mobile clinic.  We now offer digital x-rays, ultrasound, in house blood work, in house cytology services, hospitalization and orthopedic services on a more regular basis.
Dr Lassiter is committed to providing the best possible care at affordable prices.  Since she is currently the only doctor, we are not able to provide 24 hour emergency care.   We are hoping to be able to expand our hours and capability in the new facility

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