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Our Mission to Our Clients
Budget Vet is a LOW COST veterinary practice operating in Conyers, GA.  Our mission is to provide affordable, high quality veterinary surgery, vaccinations, exams, diagnostics and  preventative medicine.  We know how difficult it can be to provide adequate care for your pets when times are tough. We have developed a highly efficient system for providing these services that allows us to charge much less than traditional practices. 

***PAYMENTS: The only payments we accept are CASH, CREDIT, and DEBIT. Please be mindful that there is $3 surcharge applied to all credit and debit transactions.                                                                                                            WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS!***

     Beginning in November 2017, we will start seeing patients by appointment to decrease wait times and better serve our customers.  Please be respectful and show up for an appointment you book so that we don't turn others away.  If you need to cancel and appointment, call us as soon as possible.  Surgeries will still be scheduled by reservation and deposits are strongly recommended.  If we find that people are abusing the appointment system, we will start requiring deposits for those services as well .  Please call 770-679-1730 to schedule and appointment or email us at info@mybudgetvet.com.  Please do not email after 3pm the day before you want an appointment.  You cannot schedule by leaving voice mails, messages on FaceBook or text.

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